Guru Systems is radically improving the performance of heat networks across the UK.

Heat networks are an essential part of the future low carbon energy mix – but to fulfil their potential, they must perform well. Our hardware and software gives operators complete visibility of network performance for the first time, making it easy to spot the causes of costly inefficiencies.

We provide residents with a simple way to take control of their energy use, while eliminating debt risk for operators and offering them the freedom to choose between service providers. Our technology is for people who want to deliver and operate better heat networks and provide a great service to their customers.


Guru Hub II

The Guru Hub II is the next generation of smart metering technology for decentralised energy. It is the building block for our wider platform, including pay-as-you-go and Guru Pinpoint monitoring.


Guru Pinpoint

Guru Pinpoint is ground-breaking. A sector first, it gives developers, operators and engineers access to real-time performance data on heat networks, helping to identify and stamp out inefficiencies and performance issues.


Pay-as-you-go & Monitoring

Our PAYG utility platform provides residents with a simple way to control their energy use, and allows housing managers and operators to manage debt risk.

  • The Guru system provides insight into both consumption and network performance. This has enabled us to ensure that units are set up to ensure the network operates efficiently giving us unique insight into network operations.

    John Armstrong
    Head of Operations – E.ON Community Energy
  • Guru Systems’s technology has transformed the way we deliver and monitor the heat we supply to our tenants, to such an extent that we are now revisiting earlier developments to install Guru’s meters where previously we had old-fashioned prepayment meters.

    Robin Feeley
    Director of L&Q Energy
  • The data is particularly useful for us at DECC, we need the real-world evidence about how we could reduce costs and improve the energy efficiency of heat networks, and to get to that point we have to disseminate all of the learning that is coming out of innovations, such as Guru Pinpoint.

    David Wagstaff
    Head of Heat Networks Team at BEIS
  • “The detailed, diagnostic information provided by real-time network performance data was critical to identifying technical irregularities and the causes of inefficiency. It was vital that these issues were spotted at a time when our contractors were on site.”

    Victoria Keen
    Director, L&Q Energy
  • Being able to access up to the minute information has proved really useful. Having the information once a week, or even longer than that, means that by the time you identify an issue it could be too late and a family could have been living without heating for a significant amount of time.

    Charmaine Francis
    Resident Liaison Officer, Octavia Housing 
  • Energy and heating can be an invisible cost for social landlords as we take on the role of heat suppliers. Guru Systems has helped us to understand how to make our heating network more efficient, minimise costs for our tenants and support those at risk of fuel poverty.

    Eamon Somers
    Consultant Development Manager, Octavia Housing
  • It is strategically important to develop expertise in the efficient commissioning and running of heat networks. Guru Systems, which provides the metering, payment and control system for the Stratford Plaza development, is helping to significantly diminish the risks involved in its approach.

    Anthony Atkinson
    Estates and Customer Service Director, Telford Homes

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