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We are Guru Systems

We deliver market-leading hardware and data analytics across heat networks, improving performance for developers, heat suppliers, customers and our planet.

  • Helping to deliver cost-effective heat networks

  • Supporting intelligent metering and billing solutions

  • Improving customer satisfaction

  • Optimising heat networks

Unex Tower, Stratford

Helping to deliver cost-effective heat networks


Protect your profit margins through a proven system that works first time to deliver what your clients want both at handover and after customers move in.


Get complete transparency on heat network installation, allowing you to spot problems, fix them early, reduce repeat site visits and hold your supply chain to account.


Make your contractual obligations easier to fulfil and ensure a smooth handover through more efficient commissioning and verification of heat networks.

Supporting intelligent metering and billing solutions


Minimise complaints and support calls and engage customers with their energy use through easy-to-use in-home displays with reliable top-up options.


Ensure ease of compliance with current metering and billing regulations and be prepared for future regulatory changes.


Build a relationship with a trusted partner who will work collaboratively with you over the long term as you support your customers.

Legacy Tower, Stratford
Stockwell Park Estate, London

Improving customer satisfaction


Manage payment plans and supply remotely and engage customers with their energy use to both minimise debt risk and support vulnerable customers.


Diagnose problems before they affect customers, allowing you to improve response times when your customers need support and protect your reputation.


Use a single system for multiple utility services and have the freedom to swap to more competitive service providers without changing your infrastructure or disturbing customers.

Optimising heat networks


View real-time data and analysis to help you increase the efficiency of your heat network, delivering lower overall costs for you and your customers.


Get complete visibility across your entire network including individual dwellings and the plant room, allowing you to spot problems, fix them early, and reduce site visits.


Work with us over the long term to access and implement best practice, allowing you to manage operating costs and deliver value for customers.

Unex Tower and Stratosphere Tower, Stratford

Memberships and Certifications

We are members of the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) and our products and processes have been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications. We are also a Bronze member of Supply Chain Sustainability School.

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