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Guru Hub 3 Core

Capture heat network data, plus data from up to three other utilities. The accompanying software structures this data ready to be accessed online, or sent to your chosen metering and billing provider ready for credit billing.

Guru Hub 3 Core
New Garden Quarter, Stratford

Access structured, multi-utility data

The Guru Hub 3 Core manages and monitors up to four utility accounts, and controls up to two external control devices, such as shut off valves.

  • Price comparable with wired M-Bus

  • HIU, valve and meter agnostic

  • Ethernet-based version for wired communications

  • Built-in tamper detection


Data for both performance management and metering and billing

Our technology uses 868 MHz wireless mesh communications to ensure high reliability, including in areas where SIM cards won’t work due to lack of signal.

  • Captures meter data every five minutes for network performance management via Guru Pinpoint

  • Captures meter data every thirty minutes for metering and billing

East London District Energy Scheme
Unex Tower, Stratford

Stay ahead of regulation

Data collected by the Hub 3 Core helps you meet the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014, comply with the Code of Practice for Heat Networks, and report against Heat Trust’s customer service and customer protection standards.

Our wireless mesh network is more secure than unencrypted wired systems and all data is covered under Guru’s ISO27001 certification for cyber security.

  • Suitable for both retrofit and new-build projects


Guru Platform

The utility meter data captured by the Guru Hub 3 Core is structured and accessed via Guru Platform or our open API, ready to be used for credit billing.

Guru Platform

How our technology works


A Guru Hub 3 Core is installed out of sight in every dwelling.


A Guru Hub 3 Core is also installed in every block, and in the plant room.

How Guru's technology works 2 (Guru Hub III Core)

After leaving the site, data is then directed to Guru Platform and Guru Pinpoint.

How Guru's technology works 3 (Guru Hub III Core)

Simple to set up and maintain


Guru’s site delivery team ensures project setup and commissioning runs smoothly. We work with trusted installers to meet your timelines.


Our team works with both your engineering team and head office to deliver training and onboarding across all of our products and services.


Our Client Success team are here to support you as you support your customers.

Additional software


Guru Pinpoint

Guru Hub  3 Core also captures heat network performance data every five minutes for analysis via our online analytics platform Guru Pinpoint. Guru Pinpoint uses machine learning algorithms to help you identify and resolve performance issues and improve the efficiency of your heat network.

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