Site delivery, hardware commissioning and onboarding

Whether your project is a new build scheme or involves retrofitting our hardware into an already occupied building, our experienced site delivery team is here to ensure that the commissioning of the network hardware and Guru Systems’ Hubs runs smoothly.

Guru Hub II
Site Delivery, Commissioning, Onboarding

Project setup

Using your site general arrangement drawings, we first undertake a Desktop Survey, developing an initial design for the wireless communications network setting out the position of our Hubs and essential network equipment throughout the site.

We’ll then arrange a meeting to discuss the outcomes of the survey and work together to agree a project schedule.

Radio Frequency Surveys

Before installation, we’ll visit the site to complete a Radio Frequency Survey. This tests the network design set out in the Desktop Survey so that we can confirm location and quantities of all network hardware to ensure a robust and stable network.

Stockwell Park Estate, London
Site Delivery, Commissioning, Onboarding

Hardware commissioning

Once your M&E contractor has completed installation, we’ll commission the Guru Hubs as well as any communications network hardware.

We can also train accredited partners to commission Guru Hubs on our behalf. Please get in touch if you would like to become an accredited partner.

Project handover

Once all Hubs and network equipment has been installed and commissioned we will undertake checks to ensure the mesh network is fully functioning.

When all Guru Hubs are visible on our system we’ll issue you with a Commissioning Certificate which includes all information on each of the Hubs that we have commissioned. This should ultimately be passed to the metering and billing agent.

Legacy Tower, Stratford
Guru Pinpoint


Once work on site has concluded, our Client Success team will onboard you to our software platforms.

We’ll work with all relevant parties (such as metering and billing agents) to ensure that contracts are in place and you’re supported through the integration process. We’ll also provide the training you need to get started.

For more information, or to request a quote, please get in touch.