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Guru Pinpoint

Guru Hub 2 and Guru Hub 3 Core capture heat network performance data every five minutes for analysis via our online analytics platform Guru Pinpoint. Guru Pinpoint uses machine learning algorithms to help you identify and resolve performance issues and improve the efficiency of your heat network.

Stockwell Park Estate, London

Spot problems, fix them early and reduce site visits

View real-time data and analysis to help you increase the efficiency of your heat network, delivering lower overall costs for you and your customers.

Spot common problems including bypasses left open, domestic hot water set-point too high, space heating set-point too high, space heating circuit not balanced and Heat Interface Unit faults.

  • Resolve issues immediately

  • Reduce call outs


Machine learning algorithms help you diagnose problems

By disaggregating loads using machine learning algorithms we can display Volume Weighted Average Return Temperatures (VWARTs) broken down by Space Heating, Domestic Hot Water and Standby mode.

Guru Pinpoint also shows Flow Temperature, Return Temperature, Delta Temperature, Flow Rate, Bypass Flow Percentage, Bypass Flow, Heat Loss and Heat Loss Per Dwelling.

Guru Pinpoint
New Garden Estate, Stratford

Deliver cost-effective heat networks and hold your supply chain to account

Verify the commissioning of HIUs, meters and internal heating systems before residents move in.

Then use real-world peak load data to avoid oversizing in future developments.

The detailed, diagnostic information provided by real-time network performance data was critical to identifying technical irregularities and the causes of inefficiency. It was vital that these issues were spotted at a time when our contractors were on site.
Victoria Keen, L&Q Energy

How our technology works


A Guru Hub 2 is installed on the wall in every dwelling.

How Guru's technology works 1

A Guru Hub 2 is also installed in every block, and in the plant room.

How Guru's technology works 2

After leaving the site, data is then directed to Guru Pay and Guru Pinpoint.

How Guru's technology works 3
Being able to access up to the minute information has proved really useful. Having the information once a week, or even longer than that, means that by the time you identify an issue it could be too late and a family could have been living without heating for a significant amount of time.
Charmaine Francis, Octavia Housing

Simple to set up and maintain


Our site delivery team ensures project setup and commissioning runs smoothly. We work with trusted installers to meet your timelines.


Our team works with both your engineering team and head office to deliver training and onboarding across all of our products and services.


Our Client Success team are here to support you as you support your customers.

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