A little cliche but I would call myself an extrovert. I’ve always loved actively speaking to and being around people. Growing up, my parents always said I was too friendly and only focused on my friendships. I loved it though, it made everything so much more fun.


Growing up I found myself interested in how people acted and why they acted the way they do from a young. This led me to study Psychology which became such a passion for me. It may have helped me with how I interact with people but it also has given me such perspective to just be patient and kind with people.
My happy place is spending time with friends and family. My hobbies are travelling, watching movies, and being the best foodie ever! I will always say yes to trying out a new restaurant. I also love being active.
I have always been active since young and I love swimming and rock climbing. I’ve now joined a hiking group to find a new love of the outdoors.

Guru Career

I first started working at 16 during sixth form. It was a retail job and I ended up in retail for the next 6 years while in education. It gave me independence, responsibility, and the skill of networking. I found many of my part-time jobs through friends/ coworkers I had made previously. I was also able to build the courage to commit to a routine as a young adult and develop my skills in the world of work. Not many people say they enjoyed working in retail, however because of all the amazing coworkers I’ve met over the years (some of whom I’m friends with to this day) I will always be grateful for the lessons and experiences I’ve learned from working in retail.

Current Role

After graduating I had an early twenties crisis, I loved psychology but I also wanted to figure out what I wanted to do. I was seeking roles that I could be competitive in and also work with different people. I then found myself working in the heat network space with Guru! Learning about Heat networks was a degree in itself! It was a whole new world of knowledge to me. Even though I am still new to the industry and at the start of my career, I am enjoying the journey.

Future Goals

I hope to continue to keep learning and growing, I’m focused on hitting all my targets set! As a typical salesperson, I’m driven to keep smashing it.
I hope to continue learning and growing, focused on hitting all my targets set. As a driven salesperson, I’m determined to keep smashing it. Networking and building strong professional relationships will be a key priority, as I seek to expand my knowledge and gain invaluable insights. I also want to explore more countries and meet new people as relationships are not only an important part of my role but also an important part of life.

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