14 years ago I hit the restart button on my life. Personally and professionally everything changed. I went from being an at-home mum of 3 to restarting a career and growing into the successful person my 12-year-old self had always dreamed of becoming. Now I say this with humour as those of you who know me understand you never stop being a mum – it’s endless and often thankless, especially when the kids are young and demand all your attention. But regardless, I pushed through and looking back it has been an amazing 14 years. I often find myself looking in the mirror wondering just how I’ve managed to stay looking so fresh-faced and young despite the stress and pressure of it all…(not!)


I grew up in a traditional, but in hindsight not so traditional, Greek family. I was the princess – literally the youngest sibling, the youngest cousin, and I always got my way or threw a tantrum until I did. At 10 my home life changed; my princess status was stripped away and I had to learn to function and find my way again. What a shock to the system that was! I can tell you now it was not handled gracefully at all.

At 12 I wanted to be a lawyer. I was going to serve the justice system and be amazing at it. Then, a few years later, I discovered other interests – much more of a social butterfly and less focused on a career or what I would be when I was old because, hey, at 15 I was already grown up, right?! Anyway, long story short, I ended up in hospitality, managed a high-class bistro in Chiswick, ran a pub in Wembley, and then somehow ended up in a sales role at a national distribution company for the HEVAC market. Little did I know at 19 this would be the industry where 11 years later I would re-enter and build a foundation for where I am today.

Guru Role 

Just before I started this role  I was asked (by a couple of close friends…who are supposed to be my friends anyway!) how on earth little old me landed a role as Sales Director for Guru Systems. Well, the next question was “Who are Guru Systems?” At first, I was like, uhmm… I don’t know, but Guru is a great company, a specialist in data analysis and software, and truth be told, since working in the heat network industry they have been on my radar as a company I’d love to join one day. That seemed to answer their question but then got me wondering, how have I, in 14 years, gone from working in a small distribution company branch to now reporting to the CEO of a London-based software business?

I thought back to 12-year-old Soulla and remembered how much I wanted to be successful. I realised that even though I thought she was gone forever, somewhere she has lived on and driven me forward to achieve her goals. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many challenges along the way so many obstacles to overcome, and sacrifices made. I may have been down for periods but I never gave up and always found a way to be and do better. So in answer to how little old me got the Sales Director role at Guru Systems, it’s simple – I worked hard for it.

I am still in month 1 of this role and I am encouraged and excited by the buzz within the business to deliver on transparency of Data and a combined thought leadership approach to the energy sector. I guess at this point it’s hard to say what my day-to-day responsibilities become but what I do know and can 100% guarantee is that I will follow through on the mantra of transparency, honesty and communication to build solid foundations and relationships with our clients and partners.

Working for a company like Guru whose main objective is to drive sustainability in the energy sector aligns with my moral compass of wanting to create a greener, cleaner environment for myself, my family and the generations that will follow us.

I am keen to explore the unknown and unwrap the potential that real-time data and analytics have to offer the energy sector, not only within District Energy but as a source of knowledge and information to drive policy, regulation and best practice in the drive to a Net zero world.

Personal Interests

I am massively family-oriented. My boys, or should I call them men now as they are far bigger than me, are my absolute world. I share time with each of them individually, doing what makes them happy. In general, the eldest is centred around drinking but that’s a small price to pay when he comes home from uni, and with the youngest, our activities revolve around rugby, either me freezing while watching him play or going together to watch Saracens, and more recently crying together when England lost the semi-finals in the World Cup.

I like to stay active by running, going to the gym, weight lifting (only recently), and taking part in at least one physical challenge per year. 2024 is the year of the 20-mile Tough Mudder – wish me luck! I have a 3-year-old boxer dog called Thor who takes up any spare time I might have left by needing walks, cleaning up after, and generally just following me around and tripping me up all day long.

Future Goals

My main goal right now is to help my boys go on to become the best versions of themselves they can be. They make their own decisions but I like to think they take my guidance and advice on board. Professionally, my ambition is to drive Guru Systems to the number one spot in the industry, providing our customers with the very best products and services to help them achieve their sustainability targets, and in turn, creating a better world for us all to live in and enjoy.

Contact details

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