Guru Systems and FairHeat are delighted to announce that our collaborative product Guru Verify has been shortlisted for the ‘Heat and Efficiency – Digital Innovation’ category at this year’s Decentralised Energy Awards.

Guru Verify is a mobile and web app for quicker, more cost effective acceptance testing. Deliver site-wide acceptance testing in line with ADE/CIBSE Heat Networks Code of Practice 2020 quickly and cost effectively.

The product combines FairHeat’s knowledge of acceptance testing and the technical skill of the product and engineering teams at Guru Systems.

“The increased level of transparency and accountability that Guru Verify enables means an increase in the effectiveness of the acceptance testing process and therefore better results. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the sites that have been through the Guru Verify testing process are the sites which are the best performing out of the sites we’ve worked on recently.” – Acceptance Testing Engineer

Mobile and web app

The Guru Verify mobile app is used on site to carry out the checks in the dwelling. The web app allows the user to define testing criteria and check dwelling status remotely, track progress across the entire site online and access results and photographic evidence for as long as is needed.

  • Real time centralised results support same day repairs
  • Useful commissioning certificates help hold your supply chain to account
  • Benchmark for future maintenance and efficiency improvements
  • Easy to use – designed for all levels of expertise

Guru Verify aims to make acceptance testing so quick and cost-effective that it is easy to go beyond the minimum requirements of CP1 2020 and instead enables best practice of testing 100% of dwellings on a network. This ensures maximum cost and carbon savings across the heat network from the first day of site handover and provides a rigorous benchmark for all maintenance and efficiency improvements delivered in the future.

Contributing to a low carbon future

To fulfil their potential, there is a requirement for heat networks to transition to low carbon heat sources. It is most likely that these will be primarily based on heat pump based generation. These systems require low operating temperatures, with good control over return temperatures – e.g. we need to see systems genuinely operate at 60°C flow / 30°C return. Unfortunately, heat networks in the UK are rarely commissioned properly, with high heat losses and return temperatures. By making acceptance testing quicker and cheaper, Guru Verify supports transition to low carbon heat networks.

The award winners will be announced in June 2022.