Heat networks are increasingly being adopted as an efficient and environmentally friendly way to provide heating and hot water to residential and commercial buildings. A crucial component of these systems is the Heat Interface Unit (HIU), which serves as the interface between the heat network in the building and the heating and hot water systems inside a dwelling. Traditionally, hydronic HIUs have been the standard choice, but with advancements in technology, electronic HIUs are increasingly being used.
These advanced units incorporate cutting-edge technology, offering several advantages:
Electronic HIUs have their own sensors and can provide operational data beyond the information available from a heat meter alone, including secondary side temperatures, flow rates, fault diagnostics and more. However, this data is only as useful when there is the ability to effectively capture and analyse it. The installation of Guru Hub 3 Core provides this capability by securely collecting HIU data and streaming it to Guru’s platform. This high-resolution transparency enables continuous performance monitoring and proactive issue detection.

Remote Configuration and Control

One of the key advantages of integrating the Guru Hub 3 Core is the ability to remotely configure and control electronic HIU settings, such as set points and operating parameters. This capability supports improved network efficiency by maintaining optimal settings across all HIUs, reducing network drift, and minimising energy waste over time.

Remote configuration eliminates the need for engineers to make on-site visits, reducing labour costs and minimising disruptions for residents. Furthermore, it allows network operators to respond quickly to changing conditions or resident preferences, ensuring that the heat network consistently delivers the desired comfort levels while optimising energy usage and minimising environmental impact.

Intelligent Metering and Billing

The heat meter data captured by the Guru Hub 3 Core is structured and accessible via our Guru platform, making it ideal for accurate and efficient credit billing. This integration streamlines the billing process by providing granular consumption data for each HIU, ensuring fair and transparent billing practices.

By eliminating the need for manual meter readings and reducing the potential for human error, the intelligent metering capabilities of the Guru Hub 3 Core enhance billing accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Advanced Performance Analytics

The high-frequency data collected by the Guru Hub 3 Core can be analysed using machine learning algorithms in the Guru Pinpoint software. This powerful analytical capability enables the identification and resolution of performance issues, leading to improved heat network efficiency and reduced operating costs over time.

Using Guru’s advanced analytics, network operators can gain valuable insights into system performance, identify optimisation opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall network operations. This proactive approach to performance management ensures that the heat network operates at its highest efficiency, minimising energy waste and maximising cost savings.

By integrating the Guru Hub 3 Core with electronic HIUs, network operators can use a suite of remote monitoring, control and analytics capabilities, resulting in optimised performance, reduced maintenance requirements, enhanced energy efficiency, and ultimately, lower operating costs across the entire heat network.