On 3 December 2020, Guru Systems and Altecnic hosted the webinar Delivering intelligent network control with remote HIU configuration. Watch the recording below.


Altecnic and Guru Systems have come together to create the Guru Integrate SATK32 – a product that combines Guru’s Hub 3 Core hardware and the Altecnic SATK32 Indirect eHIU.

The Guru Integrate SATK32 allows for remote HIU configuration, supporting remote commissioning ahead of site handover, and in operation.

This webinar covers:

  • How the Guru Integrate SATK32 makes the commissioning process faster and more reliable
  • How remote recommissioning improves network efficiency – including maintaining set points and reducing network drift
  • How the pre-installed Guru Hub 3 Core captures data for metering and billing, and improved overall network performance


  • Neil Parry, Head of Specification, Altecnic
  • Joshua Collins, Specification Manager, Altecnic
  • Casey Cole, CEO, Guru Systems
Watch the recording: