Ambient loop networks are increasingly common in the UK. Here at Guru Systems we’re seeing more and more of this type of heat network at design stage, in construction and in operation.

Ofgem will begin regulating our industry within the next two years, and there will be a greater focus on how heat networks perform than ever before – including ambient loop networks.

On 5 October 2023, Guru Systems team members Georgina Orso (Head of Marketing) and Gary Banham (Sales Director) delivered the below webinar which:

1. Recapped the difference between fourth generation heat networks and ambient loop heat networks

2. Discussed how ambient loop networks fit in the changing regulatory landscape including:

  • The Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations
  • Upcoming regulation by Ofgem

3. Explained how metering and monitoring works on ambient loop networks, and how it’s different to fourth generation heat networks

4. Discussed performance monitoring of ambient loop networks, including monitoring the efficiency of in-dwelling heat pumps in operation

If there are any questions unanswered by the webinar, please send them to us at