From January 2022, Guru Systems will be offering the following CPD Seminar:

Capturing and interpreting heat network performance data for designers and developers


Despite good intentions; many UK heat networks do not perform anywhere near their intended efficiency; with network oversizing contributing to the problem. Measuring and reporting on heat network performance is increasingly required for compliance purposes. This course sets out to give delegates an understanding of why capturing heat network performance data is important. Delegates will learn about what kind of performance data can be accessed; including a review of technology to capture and analyse this data. Delegates will learn about what problems can be identified; and what good and bad heat network performance data looks like.


■ Why capture heat network performance data?
» Compliance
» Avoid oversizing in future developments
» Lower operational costs
» Lower maintenance costs
■ Hardware and software for data capture and analysis
» Types of hardware
» Types of on-site network
» Types of software
■ What kind of data can be accessed?
■ What kind of problems can be identified?
■ Data security
■ Technology to support remote maintenance
■ What a well performing heat network looks like
■ What a poorly performing heat network looks like
■ Case studies

Running time: 1 hour

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