Guru Systems has been awarded Carbon Trust certification for its Heat Networks Life Cycle Assessment Model, which predicts energy savings for homes running on heat networks through its ground-breaking Guru Pinpoint technology.

The accreditation means that Guru Systems’ technology has been certified to reduce carbon consumption, generating energy-saving predictions per home that conform to the ISO 14064-2 standard, which focuses on greenhouse gas emissions.

Guru Pinpoint is a web-based platform that allows operators and designers of heat networks to monitor the energy efficiency of networks in real-time, quickly identify costly inefficiencies, and reduce carbon emissions.

It is used by operators of over 100 heat networks across the UK and has reduced network losses by up to 68% on some developments.

Guru Systems’ Heat Network Life Cycle Assessment Model was commended by the Carbon Trust in a number of areas, including successfully meeting its objectives of predicting dwelling and market energy savings for heat networks.

Casey Cole, CEO of Guru Systems, said:

Heat networks are an essential part of the future low-carbon energy mix, but to fulfil their potential they must perform well, which historically has been a challenge for the sector.

Guru Pinpoint has helped us to challenge some of the traditional ideas around heat networks and is driving innovation and improvements on networks across the country to enable them to meet their aim of providing low-carbon, low-cost heat for residents.

We are delighted to have been recognised and accredited by the Carbon Trust for the accuracy and robustness of our technology in predicting energy savings and reducing carbon consumption for homes running on heat networks.

Guru Pinpoint works by taking data from Guru Systems’ Guru Hub 2 installed in homes and uses machine learning algorithms to spot likely problems on heat networks and diagnose the root cause, providing operators with a platform to see a range of technical data and resolve issues immediately.