A day in the life of an inefficient gas boiler

2023-02-27T14:25:34+00:007 July 2022|Categories: Archive|Tags: |

Data from one home on a cold winter’s day in January shows how and why inefficient gas boilers end up costing residents more. Guru Heat Smart allows property managers to monitor and remotely control individual gas boilers or heat pumps. It also captures ambient temperature and humidity data to [...]

How to improve gas boiler performance to help protect residents from gas price rises

2023-02-27T14:26:08+00:0031 March 2022|Categories: Archive|Tags: , , |

The price of gas is the most obvious driver of energy bills, but one driver that is often overlooked is boiler efficiency. Inefficient boilers can cost residents over £500 more per year. On paper, boilers perform at around 90-91% efficiency, but field trials repeatedly show that performance in the [...]

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