Guru Systems took home the Innovation Project of the Decade prize at this year’s Association for Decentralised Energy Awards.

The ceremony, which was held at the Science Museum in London, marked the 10th year of the awards and celebrated the projects that have had the biggest impact on the industry over the last decade.

Guru Systems won the award along with sister company FairHeat for the radical improvement of efficiency on heat networks using its Guru Pinpoint technology.

Guru Pinpoint allows operators and designers of heat networks to monitor the energy efficiency of networks in real time, quickly identify costly inefficiencies and reduce carbon emissions.

The web-based platform is used by the operators of 75 heat networks across the UK and has already reduced network losses by up to 68% on some developments.

FairHeat has used the platform to inform the design of new networks, verify performance and improve legacy schemes.

Data from Guru Pinpoint is helping FairHeat to cut capital expenditure costs by as much as £2,000 per dwelling on schemes.

Casey Cole, CEO of Guru Systems, said:

It is an honour to be recognised for our contribution to the industry over the past decade.

Guru Pinpoint has helped us to challenge some of the traditional ideas around district heat and is driving innovation and improvements on heat networks across the country.

Our aim is to continue to use our technology to push boundaries and develop heat networks that cost less to build and are more efficient to run.