The world of heat networks is changing dramatically. Ofgem will begin regulating our industry within the next two years, and there will be a greater focus on how heat networks perform than ever before. There will also be a requirement to submit performance data annually.

These regulations aren’t just about capturing performance data only to make a submission for compliance, they are about digitalising to genuinely monitor performance, and to take action to improve where needed.

On 7 September 2023, Casey Cole, CEO at Guru Systems delivered the below webinar which:

  • Summarised what we know so far about upcoming regulation by Ofgem, including the Heat Network Technical Assurance Scheme
  • Explored what is expected to be required when it comes to performance reporting to Ofgem and show example real-world data
  • Discussed how heat network operators can improve the performance of their heat networks before Ofgem formally takes over in order to minimise the risk of non-compliance

To read more on this topic, go to our recent post: On regulatory changes: An hour with Casey Cole.

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