Guru Systems has been offering remote HIU configuration for over a year. We teamed up with Altecnic to create the Guru Integrate SATK32 – a collaboration that allows network managers to remotely view and change HIU settings.

It’s difficult to overstate just how much of an impact remote HIU configuration could have on the performance of heat networks.

Picture this. There’s a problem on your heat network. You first spot that there’s a problem because the data you’re getting from the site shows that return temperatures at the energy centre are much higher than they should be.

After a quick investigation into the dwelling level data, you find the cause of the problem – one HIU in the block is not working as it should be. The flow rate through that HIU is very high, almost 500 litres per hour, about 100 times the amount of water that should be flowing through it on average.

Given the amount of hot water flowing through the HIU, hardly any useful heat energy is being passed to the flat, and so hundreds of litres of hot water are being returned to the energy centre. You suspect that the space heating flow temperature set point is too high, causing the HIU to chase a flow temperature target it can never hit. All of the other HIUs on the network are performing well, and so it’s just this one HIU that’s pushing up the return temperature at the energy centre. 

So what are your next steps?

Ordinarily this kind of problem would require a maintenance visit. How quickly this visit could happen would depend on when an engineer was available, and whether the resident was home (and willing to open the door). There’s a reasonable risk that the resident might postpone or cancel the visit too, especially because to them there isn’t a noticeable problem. Once the engineer eventually gets to site, they then have to diagnose and fix the HIU, all with a resident looking over their shoulder. All in all it takes at least a few days to solve, but likely much much longer – and all the while your input fuel costs are rising as water is heated and pumped around the network unnecessarily.

Frustratingly, this isn’t an uncommon situation. However, remote configuration can completely change the story. 

Rather than waiting for the engineer to diagnose the problem, remote monitoring means that HIU settings are visible via a web platform. You can see exactly what the problem is from your desk – the set point is plainly too high. Not only that, but remote configuration means that you can change the settings to solve the problem immediately. No waiting for an engineer, or for the resident to confirm an appointment. Within moments the return temperature at your energy centre is back on track, meaning lower fuel bills for all residents on the site.

Guru Integrate SATK32

A Guru Hub 3 Core can be pre-installed on each Altecnic SATK32 and the accompanying software allows a variety of HIU settings to be changed.

Remote configuration has other benefits too. It saves time on site at commissioning stage because starting set points and other settings can be set remotely before engineers. It also supports the decarbonisation of networks over time by allowing operators to reduce network temperatures incrementally while keeping an eye on overall performance.

Guru Integrate SATK32 was shortlisted for the 2020 ADE (Association for Decentralised Energy) Awards in the ‘Heat and Efficiency – Digital Innovation’ category.

To find out how remote monitoring and HIU configuration could support your heat networks, please contact our Sales team via or 020 8050 4305

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To find out how remote monitoring and HIU configuration could support your heat networks, please contact our Sales team via or 020 8050 4305