Guru Integrate SATK32

Guru Integrate SATK32 combines Guru’s Hub III Core hardware and Altecnic’s next generation SATK32 Indirect eHIU to deliver both remote commissioning ahead of site handover and continuous commissioning in operation.

Altecnic and Guru Systems
Unex Tower and Stratosphere Tower, Stratford

Faster, more reliable commissioning

Guru Integrate SATK32 allows for the remote configuration of Altecnic’s SATK32 Indirect eHIU, making it perfect for developers of new-build and retrofit properties who want to significantly improve the efficiency of their commissioning process.

Remote commissioning reduces the amount of time and resource required on site.

Continuous commissioning in operation

Guru Integrate SATK32 supports continuous commissioning, reducing the need for engineers to visit sites for remedial work as well as reducing energy usage, environmental impact and operating costs.

Continuous commissioning improves network efficiency by maintaining set points, reducing network drift.

Guru Integrate SATK32 also supports the decarbonisation of networks over time by allowing operators to reduce network temperatures.

Guru Hub III Core
Guru Pay

Supports intelligent metering and billing

The pre-installed Guru Hub III Core captures data for metering and billing, making Guru Integrate SATK32 perfect for credit billing, including build to rent developments.

Guru’s open API supports a range metering and billing services, giving you the freedom to swap to more competitive service providers without changing your infrastructure or disturbing customers.

Advanced heat network performance management

The Guru Hub III Core captures data every five minutes allowing for advanced network performance management.

Data can be analysed using Guru Pinpoint software, where machine learning algorithms help you identify and resolve performance issues, improve the efficiency of your heat network and manage operating costs.

Guru Pinpoint

Why continuous commissioning reduces costs for network operators

Even where networks are well-designed and properly commissioned before residents move in, heat networks are often left to drift, with performance degrading over time.

This is often not due to a fault in equipment, but rather is due to the accumulation of many small changes in the system over time, for example maintenance engineers changing one part of a heat network without regard to the effect on the whole.

Guru’s real-world monitoring of heat networks over a three year period, delivered in collaboration with the UK Government, showed that the cost of heat and carbon emissions can more than double on a heat network within three years if action is not taken.

Continuous commissioning improves network efficiency by maintaining set points, reducing network drift and reducing costs.

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